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2024 Nonprofit Awareness Event Calendar



Championing positive change is a timeless pursuit that spans generations. Often, it begins with small acts of support—signing a petition, sharing a message, or liking a social media post.

Awareness Events present a golden opportunity to engage like-minded individuals in championing your organization’s cause. Giving them an active role not only fortifies their belief but also forges a more profound connection. To facilitate this, Project World Impact has curated a Nonprofit Awareness Event Calendar to empower our nonprofit partners to achieve success.

Remember to provide supporters with a platform to showcase and share the impact they’re making! Together, let’s amplify the voices for change.



January Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
Cervical Health Awareness Month Health
National Blood Donor Month Health
National Glaucoma Awareness Month Health
National Mentoring Month Education
National Stalking Awareness Month Human Rights
Poverty in America Month Animals
Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month Human Rights
Thyroid Awareness Month Health


January Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
01/04/2024 World Braille Day Health
01/11/2024 Human Trafficking Awareness Day Human Rights
01/15/2024 MLK Day of Service Human Rights
01/21/2024 World Religion Day Religion
01/22/2024 Cervical Cancer Prevention Week Health
01/24/2024 Internation Day of Education Education
01/27/2024 Holocaust Memorial Day Religion


February Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
Spay/Neuter Awareness Month Animals
National Cancer Prevention Month Health
Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Human Rights
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (last week of February) Health
American Heart Month Health
Black History Month Human Rights


February Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
02/04/2024 World Cancer Day Health
02/05/2024 Race Equity Week Human Rights
02/06/2024 Safer Internet Day / Day of Zero Tolerance Education
02/11/2024 International Day of Women & Girls in Science Education
02/13/2024 Galentine’s Day Human Rights
02/14/2024 Valentine’s Day Health
02/14/2024 International Book Giving Day Education
02/20/2024 National Love Your Pet Day Animals
02/20/2024 World Day of Social Justice Human Rights
02/29/2024 Rare Disease Day Health


March Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
Brain Injury Awareness Month Health
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Health
Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month Health
Mustache March (Military) Government
National Kidney Month Health
National Nutrition Month Health
Women’s History Month Human Rights


March Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
03/01/2024 International Wheelchair Day Health
03/01/2024 Zero Discrimination Day Human Rights
03/03/2024 World Wildlife Day Animals
03/03/2024 World Hearing Day Health
03/07/2024 World Book Day Education
03/08/2024 International Women’s Day Health/Human Rights
03/10/2024 Mother’s Day Children
03/10/2024 Ramadan Religion
03/16/2024 Disabled Access Day Health
03/20/2024 International Day of Happiness Health
03/21/2024 World Down Syndrome Day Health
03/22/2024 World Water Day Clean Water
03/23/2024 Earth Hour Day Environment
03/27/2024 Autism Acceptance Day Health
03/29/2024 Good Friday Religion
03/31/2024 International Trans Visibility Day Human Rights


April Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
Alcohol Awareness Month Health
Autism Awareness Month Health
Child Abuse Prevention Month Human Rights
Jazz Appreciation Month Education
Move More Month Health
National Distracted Driving Awareness Month Education
National Donate Life Month Health
National Financial Literacy Month Education
National Volunteer Month All 
Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month Human Rights


April Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
04/02/2024 World Autism Awareness Day Health
04/07/2024 World Health Day Health
04/10/2024 Siblings Day Children / Health
04/11/2024 World Parkinson’s Day Health
04/13/2024 MS Awareness Week Health
04/22/2024 Lesbian Visibility Week Human Rights
04/22/2024 Earth Day Environment
04/25/2024 World Malaria Day Health


May Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Human Rights
Mental Health Awareness Month Health
Military Appreciation Month Government
National Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month Health
National Physical Fitness & Sports Month Health
National Stroke Awareness Month Health


May Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
05/03/2024 World Press Freedom Day Government
05/05/2024 African World Heritage Month Health/Human rights
05/05/2024 International Family Equality Day Children
05/06/2024 Teacher Appreciation Week Education
05/10/2024 World Lupus Day Health
05/12/2024 International Nurses Day Health
05/13/2024 Mental Health Awareness Week Health
05/16/2024 Global Accessibility Awareness Day Health
05/17/2024 Endangered Species Day Animals
05/17/2024 Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia Human Rights
05/20/2024 National Rescue Dog Day Animals
05/24/2024 World Schizophrenia Day Health
05/28/2024 World Blood Cancer Day Health
05/29/2024 Memorial Day Government
05/30/2024 World MS Day Health


June Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month Health
Immigrant Heritage Month Human Rights
Men’s Health Month Health
National PTSD Awareness Month Health
National Safety Month Education
Pride Month (LGBTQ+) Human Rights


June Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
06/01/2024 World Reef Awareness Day Clean Water
06/02/2024 National Cancer Survivor’s Day Health
06/05/2024 World Environment Day Environment
06/06/2024 D-Day Government
06/08/2024 World Oceans Day Clean Water
06/14/2024 World Blood Donor Day Health
06/17/2024 Learning Disability Week Health
06/18/2024 Autistic Pride Day Health
06/20/2024 World Refugee Day Human Rights
06/22/2024 World Rainforest Day Environment
06/27/2024 National PTSD Awareness Day Health


July Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month Health
National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Health
National Park and Recreation Month Environment
Cord Blood Awareness Month Health
UV Safety Month Health


July Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
07/04/2024 Independence Day Government
07/11/2024 World Population Day Health
07/28/2024 World Hepatitis Day Health
07/30/2024 International Friendship Day Health


August Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
National Water Quality Month Environment
National Immunization Awareness Month Health
National Breastfeeding Month Health
Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month Health
Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month Health
Black Business Month Human Rights


August Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
08/08/2024 International Cat Day Animals
08/09/2024 International Day of the World’s Indigenous People Human Rights
08/12/2024 International Youth Day Children
08/17/2024 National Nonprofit Day All
08/19/2024 World Humanitarian Day Human Rights
08/22/2024 Internation Day Commemorating Victims of Religion-Based Violence Human Rights
08/26/2024 International Dog Day Animals
08/31/2024 International Overdose Awareness Day Health


September Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Health
Hunger Action Month Health/Poverty
National Recovery Month Health
National Sickle Cell Awareness Month Health
National Suicide Prevention Month Health
National Yoga Awareness Month Health


September Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
09/04/2024 World Sexual Health Day Health
09/05/2024 Internation Day of Charity All
09/06/2024 International Food Bank Day Poverty
09/08/2024 International Literacy Day Education
09/10/2024 World Suicide Prevention Day Health
09/13/2024 Stand up to Cancer Day Health
09/15/2024 International Week of Deafness Health
09/21/2024 World Alzheimer’s Day Health
09/21/2024 International Peace Day Government
09/23/2024 International Day of Sign Language Health
09/23/2024 Bisexual Visibility Day Human Rights
09/29/2024 International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste Economy/Poverty


October Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Health
Domestic Violence Awareness Month Human Rights
Hispanic Heritage Month Human Rights
LGBT History Month Human Rights
National Bullying Prevention Month Human Rights
National Dental Hygiene Month Health


October Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
10/01/2024 World Vegetarian Day Health
10/02/2024 International Day of Non-Violence Human Rights
10/05/2024 World Teachers Day Education
10/10/2024 World Homeless Day Poverty
10/10/2024 World Mental Health Day Health
10/11/2024 International Day of Girl Human Rights
10/12/2024 World Hospice & Palliative Care Day Health
10/13/2024 International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction Education
10/17/2024 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty Poverty
10/26/2024 International Day of Deployed Government 
10/28/2024 Make a Difference Day All
10/29/2024 World Stroke Day Health


November Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
Lung Cancer Awareness Month Health
Military Family Appreciation Month Government
Movember (Men’s Health) Health
National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month Health
Native American Heritage Month Human Rights
National Diabetes Month Health


November Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
11/01/0224 World Vegan Day Health
11/03/2024 Organ Donation Week Health
11/05/2024 World Tsunami Awareness Day Environment
11/09/2024 World Adoption Day Family
11/11/2024 Veterans Day Government
11/12/2024 Remembrance Sunday (UK) Government
11/13/2024 World Kindness Day Health
11/14/2024 World Diabetes Day Health
11/20/2024 Transgender Day of Remembrance Human Rights
11/25/2024 International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women Human Rights


December Monthly Awareness


Awareness Event PWI Cause Page
National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month Education
National Human Rights Month Human Rights
National Impaired Driving Prevention Month Education
Safe Toys & Gifts Month Health


December Awareness Days


Date Awareness Day  PWI Cause Page
12/01/2024 World AIDS Day Health
12/03/2024 Giving Tuesday All
12/03/2024 International Day for Disabilities Health
12/04/2024 Wildlife Conservation Day Animals
12/05/2024 International Volunteer Day All
12/10/2024 Human Rights Day Human Rights
12/25/2024 Start of Hanukkah Religion
12/25/2024 Christmas Religion


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