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Attainable Fundraising Goals

Sometimes all it takes to boost the success of a donation or fundraising drive is restructuring the end goals so that it sounds more achievable to all of your target audiences.

Stretch Goals Can Motivate or Demotivate

Although casting a “stretch” goal is motivating for some, especially larger, donors, it’s possible to actually demotivate many of your smaller donors. For example, if you announce to your followers that you’re trying to raise $1,000,000 this month to construct a new building (or for whatever project), some people with less resources might feel overwhelmed by the size of the goal.

Their response? A sense of discouragement that they can’t help more. As a result, they may not donate to the campaign at all because they think their small gift won’t make a difference.

Adjust the Goal to Make it Appear More Attainable

To get a broader range of people motivated to give, you can restructure the appeal so that people can relate to and visualize how they can help. Sometimes just a simple rewording or more relatable goal might be all it takes to motivate people to give.

$10 X 13. 1 MILES = $131 PER SUPPORTER
$131 X 100 RUNNERS X 40 SUPPORTERS = $524,000

A Creative Example of How to Make a Goal More Attainable

Instead of—or in addition to—announcing a $1,000,000 fundraising drive, you might announce a variation of the campaign.

For example, organize a half marathon and ask your followers (and their networks) to donate $10 for every mile run. If you can get 100 followers to participate in the run and each one of those is able to get 40 people in their network to support them, you would raise over $500k.


Advantages of Attainable Goals

This approach has some real advantages. First, it seems like a much more attainable goal. Second, it allows people to feel more personally invested in the project. Finally, by having your supporters reach out to their network, you’ll gain more exposure and visibility—and possibly increase your future donor base. You’ll be surprised by how setting goals that sound more attainable will inspire more people to get involved.


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