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Google Grant Guide for Nonprofits

What to Do When You Lose Your Grant

In the past few months, Google has made changes to their Ad Grant policy that require more maintenance of your account in order to keep the Grant.

The Six Biggest Changes to the Google Ad Grant Policy.

  1. Minimum five percent CTR account-wide. Accounts will be suspended after two consecutive months with a CTR below five percent.

  2. Minimum keyword quality score of two.

  3. Minimum of two ad groups per campaign.

  4. Minimum of two ads per group.

  5. Minimum of two sitelink ad extensions.

  6. Target ads to geographic locations.

If you’ve noticed that your ads haven’t been running and have received this notification:

‘Your account is suspended -Your account is suspended. We’ve had to suspend your account because you violated the Google Ad Grants policies. Please read our program policies and contact us to see if you can fix the issue.’

That probably means that your account does not meet the recent requirements. However, there are still things you can do to start running your ads again.

At PWI, we have helped thousands of nonprofits with their Grant accounts. Contact us and we will help you understand how to get your account up and running again and train you how to run your account according to the new policies.

You can also contact the Google Ads support line with questions at any time.

I’m Ready to Tackle Ad Grant on My Own

If you’re ready to tackle your Ad Grant account on your own, here are some of our top recommended resources to help you get started:

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We are excited to help you take advantage of your $10,000/month in Google Ads completely for free. Give us a call at 630-480-2803 to speak with one of our Ad Grant specialists or email us at



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