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PWI Product Visibility Webinar

How to Set Up My PWI Profile

Check out this video on how to add pictures and information to your PWI Profile.

Step 1: Add your organization’s logo. This should be a high-quality square image that will be easy to identify.

Step 2: Upload a banner image. This should be a high-quality rectangular image that represents your organization well.

Step 3: Check out the products designed to help you raise money.

Step 4: Add your nonprofit’s mission statement and “About Us” description to help users understand what your nonprofit does.

Step 5: Upload featured images that best represent your organization, recap your prior events or impact, and showcase who you are.

Step 6: Add a primary cause and location for users to be able to find your nonprofit.

Step 7: Insert videos and URL links for users to watch videos about your nonprofit.

Step 8: Update your contact information so users can easily contact you and learn more about your organization.

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