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One of the best ways to make your mission compelling to your supporters is to make a story out of it. Why? Because good stories are memorable, relatable, and easy to understand. And most of all, good stories are meant to be shared with others.

So how do you convert your mission into a good story?

Almost every story in existence follows this basic outline: We start with hero, who usually has a problem of some kind. Then, a guide comes along with a plan to solve the hero’s problem. The guide calls the hero to action. The hero responds by either failing or succeeding.

If you think about the last movie you’ve seen, this pattern will sound familiar. If
done properly, it pulls the audience into the story … it impacts their emotions …
and it draws them to want to take action.

So what does this mean for your organization?

  • Think of your audience as the heroes of the story.
  • Establish the problem. If your nonprofit helps find homes for
    abandoned animals, then you need to convince your audience
    about current problem facing animals in your community.
  • You take the role of the guide — with a proven plan to help
    them save our furry friends.
  • Call the heroes to action — by showing them how they are the
    hope for abandoned animals in their city.
  • Reinforce that when they respond by supporting your
    organization’s proven method—you’ll succeed together in
    finding loving homes for all the abandoned pets.

The most important part is to communicate to your audience that they are the hero and you are the best guide to help them solve the big problems. This involves a clear and easy-to-understand plan of action that your audience can participate in, whether it’s as a volunteer, donor, staff member, etc.

And remember, good stories are meant to be shared. Tell your story in a way that encourages your audience to share it with their friends!


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