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Welcome to PWI


Project World Impact seeks to educate and connect consumers on ways they can better impact the world’s most fundamental needs in a practical way.


The vision for PWI was born when our founder and CEO, Chris Lesner, decided to apply his extensive marketing expertise to help nonprofits raise money, gain visibility, and further their mission.

Before launching PWI, Chris helped start a successful marketing company with dozens of clients—including a number of famous Fortune 500 companies. However, he realized that nonprofits, both large and small, had a unique set of needs: more funding, more volunteers, and more visibility.

After being inspired by the needs of the nonprofits he encountered, Chris left his company and assembled the PWI team. Each team member at PWI is skilled, hard-working, and passionate about helping nonprofits connect with supporters and expand their impact.

Our Team

Our team is passionate about serving nonprofit and cause-minded organizations-and supplying them with a platform to significantly increase their fundraising, visibility, and further their mission. Our leadership team is supported by a staff of full-time professionals- including programmers, designers, marketers, content developers, researchers, administrators, nonprofit coordinators, and sales people. In addition, PWI has employed dozens of paid college interns, offering them a chance to learn about marketing to nonprofit organizations.

How Do We Carry Out Our Mission?

Project World Impact carries out our mission in three main ways:

  1. PWI is the Central Hub for nonprofits and people who support them. PWI has over 1.000,000 views on a monthly basis and we work to connect these socially-conscious with organizations working to affect positive change in the world.
  2. Nonprofits that join gain access to unique services, tools, and software that PWI has created to help our nonprofit partners significantly improve their fundraising, visibility, and operational effectiveness.
  3. PWI provides a full-range of marketing services to help nonprofits tell their story:

ONLINE                                 CREATIVE                            STRATEGY
Email Marketing                Advertising                          Brand Strategy
Marketing Campaigns    Branding                               Donor Growth & Acquisition
SEO                                          Photography                      Grant Acquisition
Social Media                        Press Releases                 Market Research
Software Integration      Video- Animated/ Filmed Marketing Strategy
Websites & Apps             Websites & Apps               Strategic Planning


PWI’s headquarters is located in St. Charles, Illinois, USA. Although we are based in the states, the thousands of organizations that we support are located around the United States- and have both a local and international reach.



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