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How to Engage With Your Supporters Through Email

Have you ever wondered how to avoid making your organization’s email campaigns just another one of many messages that people discard in a day? For most nonprofits, the answer lies in making your email marketing more efficient, direct, and concise.

One of the most important parts of creating attractive email content is formatting. It’s easy to accidentally blend email marketing with newsletter communication by creating lengthy, wordy email campaigns. In reality, if someone comes across an email with dense paragraphs of text, they’ll usually ignore it altogether rather than searching for the exact information they’re looking for.

Use headlines, formatted photos, and concise sentences to get your point across. Don’t put all your information in one email – use embedded links to direct people to another platform if they want to learn more. Offer small amounts of information about a variety of topics and let people choose which content they want to read by clicking a “Learn more” button.

Embedding links can also be helpful for creating custom content based on a user’s clicks. Allow them to dictate the content they receive by clicking on certain programs or categories they’re interested in. Then, by tracking clicks, you can send future emails to specific users based on material they’ve been interested in previously.

This will allow your supporters to meet you halfway. Once someone has clicked your content, they are more likely to take the time to read about it on your website than if you had put all of the content directly in the email.

When it comes to email marketing content, less is more. Create engaging content that leaves your audience wanting to find more rather than wishing you sent less.


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