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What Colors Are You Using?

Color has a large effect on the way people view your organization — your
branding, website, print material, etc. People have strong emotional responses to color, and up to 90% of online conversions, including donations, are based on the way someone feels when they view your website. Here are a few color examples and how they can be used to your advantage.


Yellow is youthful and optimistic. It tends to grab the viewer’s attention and inspires feelings of happiness and positivity.


Green is associated with moving forward, as well as money and wealth. It has a relaxing and calming effect on the viewer, reminding them of nature and growth.


The ocean and the sky are both vast and constant. Because of this, blue conveys trust, security, and authority. If you are asking for donations or trying to boost your fundraising efforts, blue is the best color to use.


Orange is an aggressive and exciting color. It’s associated with impulse decisions, as well as happiness and exuberance.


Red conveys energy and excitement and a sense of urgency and impulse. Red can increases heart rate and catch the viewer’s eye. It’s the best color to inspire action.


Pink is often associated with femininity, romance, and hope. It can inspire a feeling of comfort and security in viewers. Traditionally it’s been recognized as a feminine color, and thus it has been used in marketing to women.


Purple is soothing, calm, and sophisticated. It can stimulate creativity or imagination in the viewer.

Remember: Be deliberate in your color choice. Brainstorm the type of visual experience you want to create and do some research on what colors would fit best.


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