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The Call of the Cosmograph

Featured Article by: Larry F. Johnston, PhD Okay. It's time for a personal confession I loathe waste. Inefficiency bothers me. And not being strategic just drives me up the wall. It’s conceivably little more than some personal biases, but I…

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What Makes You Strategic

Featured Article by: Larry F. Johnston, PhD As someone who has helped nonprofit organizations with strategic planning and strategic management for decades, I find it painful that some organizations can be so... well, non-strategic. Truth be told, much of what…

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To Manage It, Measure It

Featured Article by: Larry F. Johnston, PhD Seasoned managers know the Principle of Inspection intimately: “You get what you inspect, not what you expect.” A close companion principle for managers, The Measurement Principle, states “What gets measured gets done.” Although…

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What’s driving your donors?

Featured Article by: Larry F. Johnston, PhD In seminars I teach at conferences, I’ll frequently ask participants, “What is the primary purpose of development?” Answers will vary, but they tend to predictively cluster in several areas like raising funds, building…

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Endowments: Long-Term Funding for Nonprofits

When should a nonprofit establish – and maintain – an endowment?  The term “endowment” typically refers to funds set aside, either internally within a nonprofit or externally through a separately-created entity for the charity’s benefit. Whether internally maintained or separately developed,…

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Nonprofit Financial Controls

Is your nonprofit at risk for fraudulent financial activity? Nonprofit organizations tend to be more trusting of their employees, have less resources devoted to administrative costs, and have less stringent financial controls than for-profit organizations. They are more likely to be victims…

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